19 de enero de 2023

We’ve heard from so many creators—and aspiring creators—that the hardest part about starting a podcast isn’t necessarily coming up with an idea or even the content; it’s naming your show. While we have tips on what makes for a good podcast title (reminder: No need to include the word ‘podcast’), sometimes we could all use some good, new-fashioned inspiration. Enter our Podcast Name Generator. Just click the (satisfying) ‘PUSH’ button to generate a podcast name and description. Not the inspiration you were hoping for? Try again and again!

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Besides the fun of the Podcast Name Generator, you’ll find no shortage of name-and-description combos that you could use as thought-starters. There’s much more to the generator, too, starting with our breakdown of naming approaches:

  • Host-driven (it’s your podcast, put your name in it)
  • Descriptive/Functional (this doesn’t have to be dry—it can still be an interesting way of describing your podcast or its vibe).
  • Eccentrically worded (hyper-specific, extra-long, out-of-the-box thinking, and beyond)
  • Community-driven (inside jokes, references, puns, and more that only your listeners would get)
  • Hodgepodge (combining or borrowing from any of the above naming conventions, as many great names do)

Showing the different naming categories - host driven, descriptive/functional, eccentrically worded community driven, hodgepodge

And if you’re seeing just so many good name ideas that you want feedback from others, just plug your top three into a poll and bring it to a vote! Easily create a poll that you can share with your audience on social to let them weigh in on what your spinoff show should be called—or share with friends to see what they think your first-ever podcast should be called.

Put your favorite name to a vote! Shows name generator polling feature

The bonus of the generator is that it’s certainly not exclusively for creators at the beginning stages of their podcasting journey. Even seasoned pros can find inspo in the generator—whether it’s to file away a naming direction to revisit later or fodder for a Podcast Subscriptions bonus series. The point is to get the creative juices flowing for everyone! 

Explore name ideas!

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