25 de marzo de 2021

Anchor creators are diverse in every sense of the word, from their voices, backgrounds, and geography to the kinds of stories they tell. For our brand-new series More to the Story, we’re empowering creators to shine a light on their own unique experiences and those that don’t always receive the attention they deserve—promoting inclusivity through open conversation. Each month, we’ll feature a new storyteller in partnership with best-in-class nonprofits, moderated by Xavier “X” Jernigan, host of Spotify’s “The Get Up podcast. Both speakers will also answer your questions on Instagram Live.

For the very first installment of More to the Story, on March 31 at 12:00 p.m. ET, we’ll be joined by a pair of prolific activists and authors: Soraya Chemaly and Amani al-Khatahtbeh.

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As we close out Women’s History Month, Soraya—executive director of The Representation Project and former co-founder of the Women’s Media Center Speech Project—will speak candidly on media representation related to gender norms, social justice, sexualized violence, and her commitment to expanding women’s civic and political participation. She also offers best practices for telling your story.

Amani will share what inclusive storytelling means to her—plus her unique insight into gender, identity, representation, and how they’re integral to her own podcast, “ANTIDOTE.” She’ll also talk about her influential blog MuslimGirl.com, her history-making bid for U.S. Congress in 2020, and the ways she amplifies and empowers Muslim voices. 

There is, of course, never a wrong time to engage in open dialogue around issues of identity, representation, inclusivity, and all that exists under their collective umbrella. But now feels especially right to dive deeper: to pass the mic to those who are starting the conversations and keeping them going; to wonder about the stories we’re not hearing, and why; and to ensure that those stories are in position to get the spotlight they deserve going forward.

For Anchor podcast creators, More to the Story offers an opportunity to not just hear others’ narratives but to take away tips for your own. Whether you’re looking to share your undertold story or compassionately tell someone else’s, we hope anyone who tunes in walks away feeling more informed, empathetic, and altogether enlightened.

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