9 de diciembre de 2019

Your voice has an impact. By sharing your thoughts on topics that you and your listeners care about, your podcast can make a real difference in listener’s lives and the world. And now, through our partnership with the Ad Council, you can create an even bigger impact and lend your voice to a good cause by recording free Sponsorship ads for charitable campaigns.

We’re teaming up to support three causes in time for the holidays: Shelter Pet Adoption, Buzzed Driving Prevention, and Diversity and Inclusion. Pick the campaign that resonates most (or all three if you feel moved), record an ad placement, and spread the message far and wide to your podcast listeners. It’s your voice, your choice.

Change happens by speaking up. By participating in one of these social good campaigns, you can play an integral part in amplifying awareness for an important cause. Remember: we’re louder and more impactful together.

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Record your ad by opening up the ‘Money’ tab in your Anchor app

Use the power of your podcast to spread care all month long! Choose a cause and record your ad by opening up the ‘Money’ tab in your Anchor app.

Keep in mind that as Anchor is supporting these causes free of charge, podcasters will earn a $0 CPM from these ad placements. To ensure it plays during your podcast, please include more than one sponsored segment in your episode. This can be done in the ‘Create your episode’ page by selecting ‘Add another sponsored segment.’

Additionally, while Sponsorships is currently only available in the US, you can still participate in this initiative anywhere in the world by contacting your favorite charities in your area and offering to spread the word.

Got questions about Sponsorships? Click here to learn more or visit help.anchor.fm for assistance.