28 de diciembre de 2021

Everyone who podcasted in 2021 did so through a period of unexpected changes and personal growth as we all navigated the not-so-new normal. This impacted the way we talk to each other, whether we were across the room or across the world. But you still found ways to innovate and grow this year—and inspire us by putting our newest tools and features to good use. 

This year, we focused on expanding the way creators record, promote, monetize and interact with their content (which we hope is a trend that lasts for years to come). To name a few favorite milestones: 

  • We developed new ways for more voices to be heard. Video Podcasts opened our eyes to what the future of podcasting might look like, and Music + Talk expanded to 15 new countries. 
  • We focused on monetization tools like Ads by Anchor, which empowered creators to grow their content in the ways that felt right to them. In addition, Podcast Subscriptions became our first-ever international monetization feature.
  • We made it easier for listeners to spread the word about their favorite episode clips with timestamp sharing
  • We even brought creators and fans closer together with Q&A and Polls and podcast ratings—fostering more interactivity around podcasting than ever before. 

More than anything, you wowed us this year. Angela Belt of “The Mood Board” taught us how to navigate style and design from an intersectional lens, inspiring many to think even further out of the box. The six young creators behind “Growing Up Halal” proved that you’re never too young to start something new. Chris Black and Jason Stewart added a second podcast to their roster, and Bobby Lyte reimagined the traditional podcasting format to create a productivity haven for listeners. These are, of course, just a few examples of how Anchor creators raised the bar.

Amidst the noise of 2021, you managed to break through it all with your own unique voices and approaches to podcasting. But we still feel like we’re just getting started. So, what’s next? You delighted us with your 2022 goals and predictions—here were a few that stood out:

See you in 2022!